MONSTER SEAL - works in both tubeless and tube type tires, on and off road, traveling at both high and low speeds. The air pressure in the tire forces Monster Seal into the tread area punctures allowing multiple types of sealing solids to make a permanent seal in the tread area that flexes with the rubber.  Monster Seal will seal punctures up to 1/2" in most vehicle tires, and up to 3/4" inch in diameter punctures in tires used on larger trucks and heavy duty off road equipment.  Monster Seal works for the life of the tire... Guaranteed!. 


MONSTER SEAL is an advanced Glycol based and water soluble solution that contains corrosion inhibitors to protect the tires and wheels. Monster Seal cools the tire operating temperatures, which helps increase the tire tread life. Monster Seal will also help increase the vehicle safety by helping maintain proper tire air pressure.

Monster Seal

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